Life Vs Death

It is now 51st day we are inside our home and there is no contact to the outside world physically. Those who are in their middle age will remember this pandemic rest of their life. Those who are young should remember this as learning.

Unfortunately, now a day’s life is cheaper than a Pizza. Our defence budget is much more than our healthcare budget. We are innovating on how to kill people, not sure why then saving their life.

We are not able to find the drug to cure cancer, HIV and many more diseases but we are able to find how to reach Mars which is about 54.6 million kilometres. We are trying to find life on Mars but losing on earth.

We want to kill people and occupy their territory and on the other hand, we do not know how long we will survive. The amazing point is this everybody knows that nobody on this earth is immortal.

During this pandemic, I have seen many pictures where we are inside Jail (Home) and on the other hand, animals are freely walking and enjoying their life. Not sure how this Pandemic started but either way this is manmade. We all are responsible for this.

I am curious to know that and scientist need to test if we keep herbivore in a place where there is no grass/plants nothing, will they start eating animals? I hope you all will try to understand my logic here.

I am still not sure to do we believe in god or not? I think we believe because of our fear only.

Only I want to survive on any cost. Is it possible? What you will do alone in this world?

At last….

Countries borders can not stop birds, river and wind wave. But look like we can innovate this in near future. How to stop !!!

Thanks !!!




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Raajeev H Dave

Raajeev H Dave

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